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    How Much Should You Spend on a Background Check?

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    What can Hirelect do for me?

    Hirelect believes background screening is a service, not a commodity.  That’s why we adhere to both the federal Fair Credit Reporting Act (“FCRA”) and various state requirements that “reasonable procedures to assure maximum possible accuracy” (FCRA 607(b)) be used in compiling background checks to protect your organization from legal exposure.  In practice, this means Hirelect always verifies criminal “hits” we report to you at the county level.  In addition, we offer all industry-standard integrations, U.S. based service (with nooffshoring) and our products are both scalable and customizable for your business needs.

    In Essence, Hirelect offers your business simple and compliant background screening. 

    And here’s how it works :

    Employer Verification


    Applicant Consent


    Completion of Background Check


    Employer Evaluation of Candidate

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    Hirelect Presents:

    Essential Considerations When Selecting Your Background Screening Company

    Trust, but verify.

    Some “ background check” companies hide behind an accreditation logo to‘validate’ non-transparent practices such as reporting raw data that may contain impermissible information (such as expunged and/or sealed records, arrest records, and more) that you, the employer, can’t legally know. Hirelect’s transparent practices follow those established by the national background screening community at large, but also go above and beyond by verifying unlimited1 hits at the county level every time.

    A Penny Today Costs a Dollar Tomorrow.

    Don’t let any “instant” or “national” background check imposters charge you a penny today, because they’ll cost you a dollar tomorrow. Hirelect is a cost leader, but doesn’t force clients to trade quality for service and quality. All of Hirelect’s compliance-oriented processes are geared around industry-bucking efficiency and effectiveness – for instance, clients enjoy one-click pre-and-final adverse action, configurable for state and county restrictions and other features – for no monthly fees.

    Secure, Smart, & Streamlined.

    Hirelect can integrate with most (if not all) major HR software and ATS systems and will provide multiple paperless options for the secure transmission of applicant information. This includes highly configurable E-Signature applications, bank-level security and automated emails and updates for you and your applicant - delivered straight to your applicant’s email and to your ATS dashboard. At all times, Hirelect is committed to ensuring open communication with applicants so you can find and keep top talent and remain compliant.

    Make a Difference.

    Hirelect is serious about making this world a better place. And that’s why Hirelect doesn’t stop at helping clients make better hiring decisions; through targeted giving, the company helps those far outside the organization’s footprint by donating a portion of proceeds to worthwhile humanitarian causes in places where aid is far from readily available. That’s something clients can feel good about.

    Open-Door Policy.

    As a proud South Carolina business, Hirelect not only serves those clients who work all across our great nation, but in good southern fashion, those who live and work here locally. That’s why our screening partners can always visit us at our corporate offices whether they’re in town for just a few days on business or if they live and work just up the street.
    1 Some restrictions apply. See Hirelect’s Terms and Conditions for details.

    Can I Get By With Gut Instinct?

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    What’s The Big Deal Anyway?

    Employers face a 1-in-5 chance of being a defendant in a lawsuit for an employment-related claim. With 41% of resumes containing misstatements, you need to know who you’re dealing with.

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